Casenote review

For dozens of hospitals we conduct independent casenote review for adverse events. We select the most interesting files and provide you with a concise and clear report of the findings. Thus, you do not have to invest in training and spend your nurses’ and doctors’ time.

The Healthcare Inspectorate asks hospitals to conduct casenote review to see if there are any adverse events. Casenote review is time consuming: nurses and medical specialists need to be trained and taken off from work. This may be a reason to outsource this. In addition, the Healthcare Inspectorate regularly asks hospitals to casenote review investigations by an independent party.

dPI has a team of nurses and retired medical specialists who have a lot of experience in casenote review using to the IHI Global Triggertool method at several hospitals. Additionally, we can select the files that are most interesting for your hospital. As a result, a relatively limited number of files still show useful findings. We present this in a compact report. Our experience in about 15 hospitals has refined our method and method of reporting so that it provides you the most. The Healthcare Inspectorate is familiar with our reports and considers us as a reliable party for independent casenote review. We use a price per investigated file and a fixed price for reporting and presentation.

Do you want to do casenote review yourself? Then, dPI provides you with the Reflex Triggertool Module, an application that enables you to efficiently and effectively perform casenote review. In Reflex, we combine the HSMR methodology, long length of stay and unplanned readmissions and casenote review effectively. This will not only increase the safety of the health sector, but will also make your registration more reliable.