Clinical Intelligence

The dPI Reflex Platform uses medical data to provide useful steering information. Hospitals can use this platform for their own analysis. Our experts can also take care of this so you don’t have to and report monthly on the most prominent signals about mortality, length of stay and readmission. The dPI Reflex platform is active in the Dutch, Belgian, German and Brazilian markets.

With Reflex, you have monthly insight into your hospital’s most recent data on mortality, nursing and readmissions. This way you keep your finger on the pulse by looking at the trends of these numbers. Per specialty, per diagnosis and per operation. You can see where the registration is not up to date or incomplete. Every month there is an update of Reflex with the latest medical administrative data. These are data that have been recorded in most hospitals for years. You will report the trends in good time and analyze them and, if necessary, intervene.

The DPI experts have years of experience working with these figures. You can use this knowledge to discover trends in a timely manner and to respond appropriately. For example, selection of the most interesting files for file research can be left to us. More information about Reflex